Life on the road with a touring chef.

Nine days of learning

What I have learnt after nine days cooped up indoors ‘recovering’.   1. Relaxation is over rated.   2. I can’t relax!   3. Breaking Bad gets better again after … Continue reading

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You may find yourself

No, not in a beautiful house, nor with a beautiful wife (though my husband will have a different take on that…ahem) but you may find yourself filling out an application … Continue reading

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Copenhagen 3, in 3D.

In the afternoon we load in to Copenhagen arena. The arena seems to have escaped the exceptional design skills for which Denmark is renowned. This is a touring theme. Despite … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Our second day off in Copenhagen and H calls my room. Her voice is thin and tired, she’s been up all night ill. We analyse the possible causes. We ate … Continue reading

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Is your danish Danish?

Is your danish Danish? Oh yes it certainly is. Danish pastry fiesta for me and H. And the joyful thing is we are not baking them ourselves, just drifting around … Continue reading

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Copenhagen, day off, one.

I am on the twenty sixth floor of this hotel in a room flung out far far from the lift shaft. Practically out on a wing floating in the sky, … Continue reading

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Dirty Girl

Only on tour would you find a room full of work colleagues* persuading another that she had to wash her hair. ‘Think of your pillow’ says H. ‘You’re going to … Continue reading

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